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Spirit of the Andes - Equinox Shamanic Journey
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Expereience the Sacred Sites, Traditions & Cermonies of the Peruvian Andes & Amazon

Spirit Medicine Offers Life Changing Shamanic Journeys of Peru Where We Facilitate
Sacred Traditional Ceremonies With Master Shaman & Ancestral Plant Medicines

Pipe Ceremony at the sacred circles of Morry

Sacred plant medicine has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Peruvian Andes & Amazon for holistic healing, empowerment & spiritual illumination.

The authentic and traditional use of these ancestral medicines enables us to connect with the wisdom of our heart and reveals our intrinsic connection with Nature (Pacha Mama) and all sentient beings.

Spirit Medicine Shamanic Journeys are co-facilitated with renowned Peruvian Shaman focusing on the traditional use of Ayahuasca & other sacred plants as medicines for healing and as a catalyst for transformation.

We offer our life changing Journeys of Peru to all people who are ready to learn the wisdom of these ancient plants & traditions.

If you feel inspired to experience more healing, empowerment & magic in your life, I would be honored to introduce you to my teachers and the majestic beauty of Peru.

In Service,

Plant Spirit Medicines

The Ayahuasca brew is considered by the Amazonian tribes to be a master "teacher plant". It has been used by Shamans of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon jungle for millennia as an essential part of their traditional medicine and as a way of expanding consciousness. In Quechua, the term "aya" means spirit or soul while "huasca" means rope or vine (the vine of spirit). In the Rainforest Ayahuasca is revered by many tribes for its benevolent feminine healing energy, and so many Shaman refer the sacrament as 'Mother' or 'Grandmother' Ayahuasca...

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Wachuma (San Pedro) has been used for more than 4,000 years in Peru for the purposes of healing, divinination, and expanding consciousness. This cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher, healer plant, and a doorway to the spiritual world.

Wachuma is known in the north as the 'San Pedro' (Saint Peter) Cactus. To use a Christian metaphor, just as St. Peter holds the keys to the gates of heaven, this sacred cactus opens the doors of perception and allows us to enter the Spirit world, accessing a paradisical reality in communion with the divine...

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The Spirit of the Andes
11 Day Shamanic Journey | December 18 - 28, 2012 | Now Booking

The Spirit of the Andes Shamanic Journey takes place in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near the ancient city of Cusco. The city of Cusco is situated in the high Andes mountains (11000 ft) and is the historical center & capital of the Inka Empire.

Our Shamanic Journey takes place in this magestic & powerful spiritual land at the heart of the Peruvian Andes. The benefits & insights that we expereince from the sacred ceremonies we perform here are powerfully enhanced by the beauty, wisdom and history of this ancient land...

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About Us

Medicines Awakening | By Leif Frankling

Spirit Medicine is a community of healers, shamans and visionaries dedicated to the sacred use of traditional Shamanic plant medicines. Our primary mission is to provide a bridge for all people to experience the profound healing & life enriching properties of traditional plant medicines used in a sacred context.

We organize Shamanic Ceremonies, Retreats and Journeys in Peru that center around the holistic healing and consciousness expanding properties of indigenous plant medicines, with our central focus on shamanic work with two master teacher plants, The Amazonian Sacrament Ayahuasca and the Andean Cactus Wachuma (San Pedro)...

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"Journeying with the Medicine is in itself an indescribable experience, but to journey with the Medicine in the Amazonian jungle of Peru is to go straight to the heart of the experience, where the energy vortices of that ancient land invite and support the supplicant to surrender to Pachamama unreservedly.  The result is nothing less than Transformation, a reconfiguring of each of the trillions of cells of the body, an opening of the consciousness to realms and dimensions that are truly unimaginable, but intensely Real.  Wrap it all up in a package, and take the Spirit Medicine tour, guided by Diego, a Peruvian shaman of unsurpassable skill and heart, assisted by Leif the Irrepressible, and you have a hero's journey into the Unknown, the Inexpressible, the Mystery, that will leave you touched to the soul and changed for life.  There are no obstacles but your own mind.  Set it on the Path and Go."
V Johnson
Creative Director
Fort Langley, BC

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Article Library
Ayahuasca and Human Destiny - by Dennis McKenna, Ph.D.
Dennis McKenna is one of the leading figures in the global ethnobotanical and scientific communities investigating plant entheogens and indigenous plant medicines. He was involved with the “Hoasca Project” studying ayahuasca usage by members of the Church de Vegetal and issued the manifesto “Ayahuasca and Human Destiny”. On a personal and professional level he describes Ayahuasca as, "a plant teacher and guide of incomparable wisdom, compassion, and intelligence."

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Audio Library
Supernatural - by Graham Hancock
A brilliant interview the acclaimed researcher and author Graham Hancock about the 'supernatural' power of Ayahuasca. He proposes that the dimensions of consciousness accessed during the Ayahuasca experience may hold the keys to understanding the metaphysical mysteries of reality.


Video Library
Alex Grey on Ayahuasca
Alex Grey, visionary artist, talks about his ayahuasca experience, the "enlightened state" and the human condition. He summarizes his experience concluding with a powerful message of compassion, kindness and Love. (5:26 min)


Medicine Music
We offer this page of medicine songs, mantras & icaros from our past ceremonies for our beloved participants and all people who want to reconnect with the wisdom & insights gained from Ayahuasca & other sacred teacher plants...


Visionary Art

Martina Hoffman

Martina Hoffman
Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress. Her unique iconography has been greatly inspired by expanded states of consciousness; the realms of the imagination, meditation, shamanic work and the dream state. Her imagery shows a deep, sensual and respectful connection to the sacred feminine.


Spirit Medicine Facebook Group

The Spirit Medicine FaceBook Group was created for past participants & all others interested in the sacred use of traditional plant medicines. Our Facebook community is a place for people of like mind to connect, share and integrate. If your interested in learning more about Spirit Medicine & sacred plants, we invite you to join our FaceBook group.

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